Baking Better Biscuits

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Life feels very exciting at the moment.  I’m in the throes of creating a brand-new website for my He’Art of Thriving work.  Next week a wonderful group of people will be coming together to experience my three-day workshop on creating a more wonderful life.  It’s my 3rd wedding anniversary with the gorgeous Ross this weekend, and we are whisking ourselves away for a glorious weekend celebration.  I have several new coaching clients who have committed to working with me one to one for three, six or twelve months – and together we are creating the kind of transformations in their lives which give me (and them) goose-bumps! I’ve just joined something called “Rock Choir” – can you imagine how much fun it is to belt out “Livin’ on a Prayer” or “Mr Blue Sky” with 150 other people?  I have several fantastic overseas trips coming up this year – for learning, for work, for pure pleasure.<

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be rejoining 75 new best friends on SuperCoach Academy with Michael Neill.

And I know, with absolute certainty, that the reason my life feels so wonderful has NOTHING to do with any of these things – at least not directly.  Let me try to explain.

Most people are living in an ‘outside-in’ paradigm.  For the past four years, I have been looking in the direction of a completely different paradigm.  That we are, 100% of the time, living in the feeling of our thinking – not the feeling of the world, or our external circumstances.

Most people, if they want to ‘improve’ some aspect of their lives will focus on a batch of biscuits they’ve already baked, and try and do something that makes this already-created batch of biscuits better, tastier, sweeter, more satisfying.  So, you can think of Relationship Biscuits, Career Biscuits, Money Biscuits, Health Biscuits (!), or Finding My Purpose Biscuits – or pretty much anything you want to change or improve.

Our thoughts are like the biscuit dough – we can create pretty much anything from the Principle of Thought. We think, and then our thoughts are brought to life, via the Principle of Consciousness, so that we experience them as our reality – moment to moment.

But when we begin to understand the nature of the oven at a deeper level, at least three things happen:

  • we tend to bake better biscuits – even if we change nothing about the ingredients we’re using
  • we start to see, at a fundamental and profound level, that we are the baker
  • we realise that we have complete choice over the recipe we use – and, in any moment, we can create a brand-new recipe, through the power of fresh, new thought

I’d love to know your thoughts about all this, and the implications you see in your own life.  Now, where’s that flour?

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