Flashmobs for the soul

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One of the best compliments I ever received was from a colleague who said “You know Kim, you’re an outstanding trainer.  But your greatest gift is you seem to create an environment where your groups fall in love with each other…”

I’ve always been fascinated by the ‘magic’ that happens when groups  access that deeper feeling of connection, authenticity and presence;  when they drop their ‘masks’ enough to play together in the space of infinite possibility.

I’m a real sucker for a flash mob.  Suddenly a specific piece of music plays, one person starts singing or dancing, and they are gradually joined by more people.  It is clear that they are connected by the music – and our common humanity – and by making this connection visible, a wonderful gift emerges.


Of course, we’ve all experienced that ‘magic’ that happens in groups sometimes.  Together, we see things that would have been invisible if we had been alone.

It is as if together we complete the words and music and dance to a song.  This energy in groups is often called “The Field”.

It’s a challenge to describe – we often label these experiences as coincidence, intuition, synchronicity, serendipity or mystery.  However, when we are in the Field these experiences are actually the norm.

As we become more familiar with this Field (Buddhists might call it “Big Mind”), we begin to notice how everything is connected.  It is as if there is some unknown radio frequency, which is normally surrounded by loud static – and when the conditions are right the reception becomes loud and clear.  A new world of discovery opens for us.

And I don’t just mean a new world in a spiritual sense… I mean in the very practical world of form too.

This is the birthplace of true creativity, innovation and radical problem-solving.  Once they resonate on this frequency, I’ve witnessed so many groups quickly and easily overcome and resolve challenges in the workplace that they have struggled with for years…

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