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We’re in the middle of winter – although it doesn’t seem as cold this year, at least where I’m living.

Something I’ve been noticing recently is the difference between what my coaching clients ‘get’ – how they get impacted by coaching with me. There’s a range – which can be explained by all sorts of factors – including my state of mind in the moment. The minimum impact seems to be that they quieten down from the ‘busyness’ going on in their heads, and enjoy their lives more. They have a bunch of insights, and experience less stress.


They start to trust themselves more, too, and that’s all good.

And yet, I find myself holding a higher standard than that. (This may be my ego, but I don’t think so!) It’s just that these days, I know that there’s so much more on offer – so much more potential and possibility than most people even allow themselves to hope for.

In other words, my intention is that the coaching is TRANSFORMATIVE. So that my clients walk away being deeply connected with their innate well-being, clarity, and inner wisdom. So that they look back on the coaching, and say “That was when I learned to truly THRIVE!”. These are the clients I love to work with the most.

I’m reminded of a metaphor that Dr. George Pransky uses which speaks to this difference.

Imagine you are a house. There are two main approaches to keeping your house warm:

The first approach could be called ‘weather-proofing’. You work hard to make sure there’s loft insulation, double-glazing, cavity wall insulation…. You keep the doors and windows shut most of the time to keep the warmth in. Trouble is, you have to keep doing this – and it can feel like a constant and ongoing ‘battle’ to keep the house warm – especially during periods of bad weather. This is the tyranny of the continuous self-improvement strategies available. They do work – some of the time, for some people – but it’s hard work.

The second approach is to turn up the heating. Fortunately, in this metaphor, turning up the heating doesn’t have an impact on global warming! Or maybe it does, but in a positive way, at the human level, rather than the climate level. Metaphorically, this is about you getting in touch with your inner furnace – it’s about turning that right up – in a way that just fits beautifully with you. With this approach, it really doesn’t matter what the weather is like, because you’re just warm on the inside. I am reminded me of those old adverts from the 80’s about Ready Brek!

Except that you don’t need to add anything from the outside. When you understand the Principles of how the human experience really works, it’s like a bottomless well of inner Ready Brek that makes you glow. You can easily fling your doors and windows wide open.

So it becomes the new normal. (Extraordinormal!).

You FALL AWAKE, and what you fall into is the ocean of love, creativity, connection, wisdom, well-being, peace and spirit that’s always available to us, in any moment.

This is what I love my clients to get. I’d love you to get it too.

I have a couple of coaching slots opening up over the next few weeks – contact me if you would like a taste of Inner Ready-Brek!

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