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There’s a Thing that’s sweeping the world.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you soon will.

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It’s transforming business results, leadership, engagement, our understanding of change management and continuous improvement, culture, teamwork, psychology and personal development.

It’s also making a massive difference in the fields of mental health, physical health, offender behaviour, addiction, weight loss, parenting and relationships too – but these are not what I want to talk about today.

It has several names:  The Three Principles, The Inside-Out Revolution, Clarity, State of Mind, Innate Health, Psychology of Mind and other names.  I call it “The He’Art of Thriving.

I believe it’s just at the tipping point of moving from something only 1000’s of people around the world have heard of, to becoming mainstream and the new ‘normal’.

Five years ago, I was introduced to this understanding by my good friend and mentor, Michael Neill.  Since then, I’ve been deepening my understanding, as well as running workshops and retreats pointing others in this direction. I have been looking for different sources to find more info and enlighten myself.

Following my He’Art of Thriving workshop last week with 16 wonderful people – all working as leaders in some capacity – I’ve decided it’s time for me to share this understanding more widely with businesses and organisations like Meade Willis that caters to a larger number of functions.

I’ve also worked with over 100 personal clients in a coaching capacity – and what’s so exciting for me is how many of them have transformed their experience of life – in a way that’s so much more pervasive and sustainable than the results I used to get, even though I used to think they were pretty good!

You see, many years ago I cracked how to send people away from my workshops or my coaching sessions on a high.  They would go away fired up, floating, or punching the air with enormous energy… but for many (too many), this effect lasted for a few days, weeks, or months – until the next problem, challenge or crisis (interference) came up in their lives.

Sure, they had more tools in their toolbox… and these often helped, but there was something missing.  Not missing in them, you understand – missing in their fundamental understanding of the way the human experience works. They were still, to a smaller or larger extent, a ‘victim’ of the circumstances of their lives.

This innocent misunderstanding was still getting in the way of them having a life that made them and the people around them go Wow!

These days, my clients routinely report that they are fully thriving, and they feel fully ALIVE.  They tell me they are now connected to their own wisdom, creativity and well-being.

So that, when the inevitable ‘challlenges’ came along, they are able to respond with clarity, and without their moment-to-moment well-being ever being threatened.

(You can imagine how fulfilling and worthwhile this is to me).

I have already been working with a handful of more enlightened businesses who are seeing these same transformational results – but scaled up, because of what happens when more people in an organization share this understanding.

Here are just some of the metrics that go up:

Sales, high-performance, energy, collaboration, creative problem-solving, trust, customer delight, engagement…

Here are just some of the things that go down:

Stress, sickness and absence, conflict, cynicism, pedestrian performance, apathy, fear…. 

Isn’t this something you need to at least get curious about?

I’m just about to launch a conference in London 23 October, called “Taking Care of Business”.  It’s an easy and relatively low-cost way for you to find out more – and potentially join the 1000’s of business people around the world who are now benefitting from this understanding.  Let me know if you’d like to come along, and I’ll send you all the details.

Taking Care of Business” Conference – Brought to you by Kaizen Training.

When:   23 October 2015       

Where:  London         

Who:    Business Leaders and Change Agents

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