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(lyrics from Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke”)

Something that people in the Three Principles Community say a lot is “It’s all in the feeling”.

A few years ago, I didn’t have a clue what they meant!

Since exploring this understanding (see more at, I have come to know this feeling very well, and I call it ‘home’.


There is learning in the ‘feeling’ – learning that is both profound and practical.  The feeling soothes me, it seems to dissolve my ego, settles me down, and allows me to open the door to my own wisdom.

The feeling quietens my mind and allows me to speak from insight, and from the heart, rather than intellect, and it also seems to quieten my coaching clients, and my workshop audiences. I now see the coaching I do with clients as mostly about pointing people back ‘home’, so they start to experience this feeling more of the time too.

I bet you’ve all experienced it.

It’s a lovely feeling – not much on your mind, resting in your innate well-being, being present to the moment, so hardly any thinking about the past or the future.

I think this is the feeling people are after when they meditate, or do yoga, or go for a wonderful walk in nature.  But you don’t need to do those things to get it (although by all means go for it if you enjoy these activities).

Because the feeling is always there, underneath the hurly-burly. More recently, I’m discovering that this feeling is, in and of itself, a vehicle for transformation.

One of the properties of this feeling is that it nourishes and heals us.

The more time we spend bathing in this feeling, the deeper this healing and nourishment goes – right down to the cellular level and beyond.  Right down to our essence. It restores us, and makes us whole.  (Actually, we were never not whole, but our thinking can make it seem otherwise!).

So, it’s partly about remembering, and allowing this feeling to support and nurture us on a daily basis, not by ‘escaping’ or ‘withdrawing’ from life – but within the busyness of our everyday lives.

This space is where all the good stuff comes from! Wisdom, an intelligence that doesn’t come from the intellect, innovation and creativity, compassion, understanding, joy (my personal favourite!) and new, fresh thinking.

As one of my clients said to me “It’s like plugging back into the mains”.

These days, in my work with leadership teams, I go straight to this ‘source’ or ‘resource’.

Rather than teaching leaders more theories, models or ‘how-to’s, I just point them back home.

Because the insights and realizations that come to them from this place are worth a million models or tools.

The impact is extraordinary and transformational.

I often challenge them to bring something to the workshop – a kind of “Mission Impossible”.

Something that they really want to get done, but have been struggling to achieve it, or overcome it, or resolve it.

After a short while hanging out ‘in the feeling’, teams finds that problems, issues and challenges that have seemed insurmountable, sometimes for years, are resolved or dissolved, almost like magic.

Two of my mentors, Ken Manning and Robin Charbit, have recently published a really business-friendly book about all this called “Invisible Power:  Insight Principles at Work”.  Well worth reading.

If you’d like to find out more, join me on one of my 3-day immersion workshops, or call me for a conversation about how this approach could transform your business.

“I feel like I’ve finally discovered the invisible power that’s been inside me all along – and, wow, what a difference it makes.  It’s a real and sustainable confidence – so different from ego-driven positioning, or the sticking plaster of techniques.  The great news is that I’ve seen everybody else has this invisible power too!  Now we can really focus on getting the important things done!”  Leigh Maxfield, Merlin Entertainments

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