What does it take to truly thrive?

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What does it take to truly thrive as a human being?

Last week I facilitated my He’Art of Thriving Workshop with a very mixed and eclectic group of people.  Such a wonderful experience for me – and I believe and hope for them too!  On the last day some of them volunteered to speak to camera giving their personal take on two questions:

  • What are you discovering about what it takes to truly thrive?
  • How will this impact on your life?

Here’s some of what they said:


They said a lot more than this of course – this is an edited composite film at just about 7 minutes.

I found it incredibly moving, profound and full of wisdom that’s relevant for all of us.

I feel so blessed and privileged to be doing this work:  helping people wake up to the full magnificence of being alive!

I’d love to know what you think!  Drop me a line at kim@kaizen-training.com

Find out more about the next workshop here.

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