Gifts for the Baby

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Welcome to the last musing of 2016.

I’m excited to tell you that I’ve finished my book (called, funnily enough, “The He’Art of Thriving”!), and pressed ‘send’ to the publisher this morning!  Should be out early next year.

Many of you have probably been writing cards or e-mails to loved ones, wrapping presents and decorating your house for the past few days and weeks.

I wonder how many of us really stop and think what we actually mean when we write “Happy Christmas” on a card?  I ran my Saturday Salon this weekend, and invited the group to do the following activity:

Imagine a new baby has just been born – a new miracle of Life.  You are the wise people who have travelled to see the baby and impart gifts.  Each of you will present a gift – but the gifts should not be ‘things’.  They should be a piece of wisdom – something that you know will guarantee the new baby grows up to experience a life where they truly THRIVE.

(I don’t have any religious beliefs, but it seemed topical!)

What’s the gift that you would give?

I’m giving away prizes to the first three people who send me really good answers to this question.. They could be profound, heartfelt, cynical or just funny.

Wishing you a truly Happy, Joyful and Merry Festive Season, (whatever you call it in your house, and whatever it means to you!) and a wonderfully thriving New Year!

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