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Lindsey Reed sent me an e-mail over the weekend.  She and her husband have just sold their house and have embarked on a global adventure, during which Lindsey will be sharing the Three Principles, or the Inside-Out Understanding.   What I love about Lindsey’s story is how naturally and effortlessly the past two years have unfolded for her, and the impact she’s now making on thousands of people worldwide!  Bon Voyage Lindsey!

(There’s another Heart of Thriving Workshop happening on 11 – 13 April 2018).

It was 23rd December 2015 when I responded to Kim’s email about winning a place on her workshop.

I’d checked the dates and woo-hoo, I could make it. Haiku? I’d never written one before, however following Kim’s instructions, out popped not one, but two Haikus…I’m greedy!  I wrote:

Free Thousand Pound Course?
What?  With THE Kimberley Hare?
Got my name on it!
Peace, Love, Unity
Let’s bring changes to the World
Heart of Thriving!

It was a busy time, I had 15 people coming to stay over the Christmas period and then was flying out to India for a month, working and travelling. Interestingly, looking back, there was no thinking involved in writing these Haikus, no need to win, I just created them from nowhere.  The journey had begun.

Roll on, I received the competition win the day we arrived in India. Excitedly, once back in the UK I read all the books Kim recommended on her welcome letter. OMG! Whilst reading “Coming Home” by Dr Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff  (I think it was that book – it’s a blur now) I read something like “Your insecure feelings come from your insecure thinking!” How many times had I read something like this? But that time it really hit me.

What on earth was I insecure about? Yet I’d been dragging this belief around with me for years. It was like a veil had been lifted and I could see clearly the effortless lifting of the veil – that’s all that was required and my life changed.  I changed.

The three days with Kim were magical and moving. I met wonderful people – some are very close friends now and there was so much laughter – this whole understanding just tickled me.  I could see the absurdity of how we make up our own monsters through thought and then get scared of them!

I woke up.

After the workshop, I still had something nagging at me, an unhealthy relationship.  Kim very generously coached me.  I still remember the analogy she used…like I was picking up old, out of date, rancid food from the sushi bar and eating it! Where’s the common sense in that?!!

So, nearly two years on….how has life been since then?

At the start I was very content.  I lost my oomphh a bit if I’m honest.  I didn’t have much motivation to do anything.  It felt weird. I slept a lot; even having the odd catnap during the day – something I’d never done before.

Yet I was OK with this. I’d heard from other participants from Kim’s course that they had loads of energy and were doing amazing things. For me? No – not happening. Nothing… It was as if my body and mind needed time to heal and allow all the mental anxiety, stress, and tension I had been carrying for years to gradually evaporate from every molecule of my being. Yes, I was fine with that.

During this time I decided to write a book. It was going to be about a bee, but the energy wasn’t there and I had no idea how to start it. And then I saw a Book Coach was running a “10k words in August Challenge”.  I took up the challenge, and via her coaching questions I knew that the Bee Book wasn’t right.  By 31st August I had written my 10k words about Confidence – a subject that I know a lot about.

This quiet stillness continued….until November.  Then Wow!  Something happened and I don’t know what. Energy flowed effortlessly, words poured out from my fingertips. I got up early and sat writing – not through any conscious decision – that’s just what happened. By Christmas the main bulk of my book was written. With the help of a few friends, the book was edited, proof-read and a wonderful cover created.

There were a couple of blips yet these got sorted quickly. I noticed the difference in me. In the past, these would have caused a real drama. I would have shouted and moaned and told everyone about these. “O me miserum!” I would cry (the only Latin I can remember). Yet no drama happened. I was calm.

To put this is context, not only was I getting my book published, I was just about to go and volunteer for a week in Burkina Faso, Western Africa and was receiving stacks of items generously donated (a lot from strangers) to take with me. Four large suitcases were crammed full of toys, stationery and clothes.  Plus the usual day to day running of my Coaching business and organising a fully subscribed two day workshop. Yes, I was calm.

And the book? Within 100 days of my book “Got It!” being published it was in 22 different countries. How this happened beats me. Perhaps having no expectations? And the effortless engaging with others.  I am so grateful for many friends who have shared my book around the world.  Each month when I get a report of how many books have been sold I am amazed. This has been with no marketing or PR campaign, I often receive wonderful emails from people I have never met informing me the impact that my book has had on them. It’s been magical.

(You can get your copy of Lindsey’s book on Amazon.  It’s called “Got It! :  The Answer to a Confident, Productive, Stress-Free Life”)

I realised from this that we don’t need to do detailed plans. These can be like wearing horse blinkers – we can miss opportunities that the energy of life presents to us.

During this time, my husband and I decided to sell our home. It was too big.  Both sons had flown the nest and we were rattling around in it. Our youngest son was travelling in SE Asia and Australasia with his girlfriend. When staying with friends of ours in NZ we Skyped and seeing them all together, both my husband and I knew that we would go visit our friends once we sold our house.

Over the next few days, with no discussion, we both knew that we would go travelling the world, not just NZ. I don’t ever remember a time that we sat down and discussed this, nor does my husband. It was like telepathy!

A few weeks went by, we had someone coming to view our house so I was cleaning the stairs. A thought popped out – the kind that seems to come from nowhere – different to a cognitive thought – this rises from deep within and ping – out it comes.

“I’ll run workshops when we travel and share the Three Principles”.

In the following week three different people independently asked if I would run a workshop for them in various countries. The universe does work in mysterious ways and shows me that we are all connected. I sense that it’s something about our energy connecting at the right moment. I don’t know if this is true, I have no proof – yet incredible synchronicity is happening this year.

We have now sold our lovely home that we designed and had built in 2002.

Am I sad? No. It’s closing an amazingly happy chapter and turning the page of a new exciting one. We have moved to Bristol, mainly so our youngest has a home as well as our furniture and things and in a week’s time we will be on our way around the world. Do we have a plan? Not really. We have an idea of countries we want to visit – that’s it. However I do want to share this understanding of the human experience. There are too many people suffering and not realising our natural system of how we experience life.

What I am seeing is that universal wisdom and infinite energy is always there. Through realising the truth in this I know that we all have well-being – we are all OK despite any circumstances.

The past week has had its challenges – no internet, needing a new boiler, loads of boxes squeezed into our little bedroom, bank cards not turning up, cars not selling. I saw that when I got caught up in the illusion that my experience came from the outside then I would get frustrated.

(My husband suggested on a couple of occasions that I read my own book – you can imagine how that went down at a time of low mood!)

Yet I don’t beat myself up.  It’s such a great trick this outside-in misunderstanding, like watching one of Derren Brown’s programmes.

I don’t take things so seriously. Yes, I still snap, I still get frustrated, I still get sad, I still moan – yet that’s OK. It doesn’t last long and I quickly come back to the essence of my soul.

It’s as if the deeper wisdom smiles kindly at the little me. And that’s OK.

So, here we are, now in the first country of our magical mystery tour – Portugal. I don’t know what adventures we will have, I don’t know who we will meet, where we will be going – none of us can foresee the future, even if we sometimes think we can.

So we might as well enjoy being. A human being. Now.

The old insecure little me has evaporated.  It was all made up in the first place. The painting of that canvas has now been white-washed over, or perhaps I have ditched that canvas.  New paintings are being created…how exciting. And I now know that at any moment the palette of rainbow colours creates momentary masterpieces.

Thank you Kim.

And thank YOU Lindsey.  Of course, as I said in last week’s blog, not everybody who wakes up to this understanding creates such dramatic changes in their external circumstances.  Sometimes people will say to me a week, a month, or a year later “Nothing’s really changed.  But everything’s different!”.  If you’d like to book your place on the next three-day experience with me, or if you’re just curious to have a conversation with me about all this, do get in touch.

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