The Ripple Effect

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One of the things I love most about the work that I do is witnessing the ripple effect.

The way one person can see something fresh and new about the human experience, and how that impacts other people.  It’s like a spark of something jumps across the illusory divide that we sometimes think separates us, and triggers an insight or realisation in those around us.

I saw this again so beautifully last week on my Heart of Thriving workshop.  When one person ‘tunes in’ to their inner navigation system, and shares this in a group there’s a possibility for new insight for everybody else too.  It makes sense to me, because we’re not really separate at all – we are all part of the oneness of pure consciousness.

I saw it again when a client shared this understanding with her six year old daughter, Henrietta, who has just made a video talking about her spark inside, and how it helps her:

I saw it again when another client shared it with her five year old daughter, Anisa, who has just written a book (Yes, a book for goodness’ sake! She’s five!) about NeeNee the Dolphin who sometimes thinks too much – and begins to understand where her feelings are coming from.  The book’s not out yet, but I’ll let you know when it’s available.  Such wisdom!

I saw it again when a client who has just started working with me fell into a spontaneous conversation with his brother-in-law, who was secretly planning to take his own life, through depression and despair created by an innocent misunderstanding about the way our mind works.  This man saw a glimpse of the hope that is available to all of us in any moment, and realised he was fundamentally OK.

I’ve seen it countless times where clients decide that their true calling is to work with people suffering from addiction, or depression, or PTSD, or those who are in prison.  Or refugees.  Or the homeless. Or schools.  Or teenagers.  Or to bring this understanding into businesses.

I’ve seen it countless times where clients continue with the job or career they already have, but they begin to bring a new energy to it, an awakeness, an aliveness, a sparkle – that touches everybody around them.

I’m reminded of the wonderful TED Talk by Benjamin Zander, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra.  He talks about how everything changed for him when he realised that success wasn’t measured in achievement, wealth or fame – but in how many “shining eyes” you have around you.
You can watch it here (you might need a couple of tissues handy!):

There have been many magic moments in my life.  One of the best ones was just recently, as I celebrated my 60th birthday earlier this month.  I threw a wonderful party, there was much dancing, laughter and fun.

Some dear friends of mine got together beforehand (unbeknownst to me) and wrote a song for me, which the entire group of party-goers then sang to me.  The words, the music, the feeling in the room were all so beautiful, and I was moved to tears.

The song was all about the ripple effect.  As I looked out at all the people there, I remembered so many conversations, insights and transformations – and experienced an even deeper gratitude.  The chorus was:

“Heart of Love, Heart of Thriving – That is what you are.  
Life of Love, Life reviving – You see us all as Stars”

It really is true that Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away!

What’s the ripple effect you’re creating today?

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