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“You stumble through your days
Got your head hung low
Your sky’s a shade of grey
Like a zombie in a maze
You’re asleep inside
But you can shake awake

‘Cause you’re just a dead man walking
Thinking that’s your only option
But you can flip the switch and brighten up your darkest day
Sun is up and the colour’s blinding
Take the world and redefine it
Leave behind your narrow mind
You’ll never be the same

Come alive, come alive
Go and light your light
Let it burn so bright
Reaching up
To the sky
And it’s open wide
You’re electrified”

Songs by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul

These words, together with many other lyrics from “The Greatest Showman” by 20th Century Fox, seem to sum up for me how many people I meet live their lives.

More importantly, the chorus of “Come Alive!” is so resonant of the impact that the understanding I share with people has on their lives.

I’ve lost count of the number of clients who say to me:  “I feel like I’ve woken up and come alive!”.

Whilst originally being somewhat panned by critics, this original musical movie starring Hugh Jackman has won numerous awards for the songs and performances.  It’s also become the new “Frozen” for millions of young people – the messages of resilience, hope and empowerment have won the movie millions of fans worldwide.

There are 100’s of schools this year in the UK where the kids are re-creating the show, and the songs and dance routines have been among the most popular for flash-mobs since the movie was released.

I love it – it’s great fun, and the songs are incredibly catchy.

For me, though, the really interesting thing about it is how the messages and the songs have tapped into the zeitgeist, and pushed all the right buttons to remind us what we really want.

We want to wake up, we want to come alive (“Come Alive”)

We want to be our authentic selves, to show up in the world, to share our unique gifts, we want to live from Love rather than Fear. (“This Is Me”)

Mostly, we want to come home.  Home is that space inside us where we experience our innate well-being, peace of mind, and clarity. (“From Now On” with the chorus of “And we will come back home, And we will come back home, Home, again!”)

If you’re not familiar with the songs, go check out the clips on YouTube.

For me, The Greatest Show is nothing to do with the circus or P.T. Barnum.

The Greatest Show is LIFE itself.

This wondrous, magnificent, astonishing life.

Come alive, come alive
Go and light your light
Let it burn so bright
Reaching up
To the sky
And it’s open wide
You’re electrified”

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