Pigs in Blankets, Bread and Circuses

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You may have seen the many warnings recently from mainstream media of all kinds that we might not be able to get our pigs in blankets this Christmas.

Horror of horrors!  As if life wasn’t bad enough! 

Note for my non-UK readers:  Pigs in Blankets are a peculiarly British tradition where small pork sausages are wrapped in bacon and served with the Christmas turkey.

We are mostly told by the media (and the Government) that this is just a “temporary supply chain problem” caused by the pandemic.  Well, not really true.  The pandemic has certainly exacerbated issues, but the media aren’t telling us the whole truth.

Learning to Deeply Adapt – Together

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A Climate Scientist, a Climate Change Denier and a Doomsayer predicting the ‘End of the World as we know It’ all walk into a bar…

Change the setting of a bar to a mainstream media interview, and this is often how these sorts of conversations go.  We have to have ‘balance’ right? Maybe we’re past that point.

Instead, what about this as a premise? 

Here are three people (or 15,000 people, which is the number of people who have joined the Deep Adaptation community) who have all accepted that we face extreme disruption to our way of life, and possibly even societal collapse.

But they are diverse: different political views, different backgrounds and cultures and socio-economic groups, and they live very different lives in very different countries all over the world.

Only Football can make you Feel Like This

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As I got ready for my day today, I listened to the radio as I sometimes do.  You can imagine what nearly everyone was talking about.

Several commentators remarked that “Only football can make you feel like this”.  Is that really true?

Here are two headlines from popular newspapers this morning:

The Sun “Probably the best feeling in the world” (A play on words referring to the Carlsberg ads)

Daily Star “Is this the greatest dream ever?”

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not being a killjoy.  I certainly don’t begrudge the fans who are feeling joy, satisfaction or elation this morning.  I really hope they enjoy the experience.

Sometimes I just wish we hadn’t, as a society, learned to ‘settle’ for … well, so little.