Baking Better Biscuits

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Life feels very exciting at the moment.  I’m in the throes of creating a brand-new website for my He’Art of Thriving work.  Next week a wonderful group of people will be coming together to experience my three-day workshop on creating a more wonderful life.  

Never mind the Feeling, what’s the Quality?

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Words often seem so inadequate, don’t they?

Especially the words we use for feelings.

Way back when I was first studying Psychology, there was a trend for saying that human beings only have four basic feelings:  bad, mad, sad, or glad.

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What I’m noticing is that the labels people use for feelings cover a multitude of meanings.  So perhaps it’s not about the words we use – like sad, angry, joyful, and so on – but about the quality of mind we have at the time, whether the feeling has an ‘ease’ or a ‘tightness’ about it.