Transformative coaching that helps people to wake up, re-connect with their infinite creative potential, and enjoy a richer, deeper, more wonderful life.

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“Kimberley Hare is one of the most impressive human beings I have met and worked with over the past twenty years – a successful entrepreneur, gifted coach, genius facilitator and true friend. She has that rare ability to get straight to the heart of what her clients want to create in their business and in their lives.  She combines decades of experience in the business world with deep grounding in the principles underlying the human experience.”  Michael Neill, Author of “The Inside-Out Revolution”, “The Space Within” and “Creating the Impossible”.    


Welcome to Your Glorious Adventure!

Through understanding the underlying principles behind the human experience, I’ll help you dissolve the challenges that seem to be getting in the way of you creating what you really want in life. I help you to see and then live the life that is possible for you. You may have been coached before.  This type of coaching is a little different.  To find out more about how it’s different, click through to The He’Art of Thriving page. Most traditional coaching tends to focus on a particular area of your life – for example: your career, your relationships, your financial success and so on… What we’ll be doing instead is looking in the direction of the fundamental principles behind the human experience. These conversations can make everything different. This exploration will bring you more happiness, motivation, calm, resourcefulness, fun, joy, confidence, wisdom and resilience than you thought you had.  All these things are there within you all the time.  We just get distracted sometimes and forget them. These conversations will help you to catch yourself being distracted, and remember again.  The more you remember, and the more you wake up, the more you will know exactly what to do.

How will it work?

We’ll spend time together and we’ll talk.  I ask that you show up as openly, honestly and fully as you can – and I will do the same. I ask that you come to the session ready to explore whatever’s important to you at the moment – rather than what you thought you wanted to talk about when you considered it two weeks ago.  This is how magic happens. I look forward to sharing what unfolds for you. We can work together one to one in a variety of formats.

Contact me for a conversation and together we will find the right fit for you.  Since August 2019, all my work is done free of charge.