Heart of Thriving Workshop

Start date: 5 April, 2020
End date: 1 August, 2021
Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Location: Hertfordshire, England



A transformative 3-day workshop in a small group exploring the inside-out nature of the human experience as it applies in your life. Helps you to wake up re-connect with your infinite creative potential & enjoy a richer, deeper, more wonderful life“

“Kim is a stunning coach, and she has a transformational presence which gently led the whole group to amazing insights. If you want to experience more clarity and wellness in your life and work, the Heart of Thriving workshop is a must.” Andy Couch, Manager, Oil Spill Response


What if you could be happier, more creative, less stressed and create even better results by understanding how the human experience actually works?

I’ve spent the last 30 years exploring, pioneering and sharing Brain Friendly Learning, NLP, the Neuroscience of Leadership, Engagement and Culture Change, Happiness at Work, Positive Psychology, Social Psychology and Influencing. I’ve had the privilege and joy of impacting thousands of people over the years… and I’ve created a wonderful life.

In 2010 I stumbled across what I believe is genuinely a new paradigm in human psychology.

“The Heart of Thriving is like no other workshop/retreat I’ve ever attended. Kimberley has the ability to work magic on a group of strangers who come together for three days and leave as deeply connected human beings. How has my life changed? I’m more present, I show up, I’m calmer, more joyful. I have a peace of mind I never thought possible. I’m much more deeply connected with those around me as well as with my clients. I feel truly alive.” Rebecca Perkins, Business Owner.

The understanding we’ll be exploring on this workshop is now increasingly being shared with business-people and prisoners, sports-people and health-care professionals, CEO’s and children. It’s known by several names: The 3 Principles, Innate Health & Well-Being, or Principle-Based Psychology. I call it “The Heart of Thriving”.

“Having worked with Kim for over ten years I thought I had seen it all. How wrong I was. New insight after new insight from a group experiencing the kind of magic that happens incredibly rarely. With the understanding Kim is sharing now, it seems to happen every single time. I highly recommend this experience to anyone in the field of people development or if you have an interest in how the human experience is created.”  Richard Nugent – Managing Director, TwentyOne Leadership

Now that I’m in life’s “Third Act”, I feel inspired to share something different – and more transformational and profound than the tools-based approaches I’ve taught for decades. Actually, as I reflect on any successes I’ve already had with my own clients, and in my own life – it’s probably not been the tools that have done the heavy-lifting anyway!

“I sometimes dislike the term ‘life changing’ as I believe it’s over used and often in the wrong context. But it’s really the only phrase I can use that describes the impact this workshop has had on me. Five months later, my understanding of the principles is now part of my daily life.” Martyn Haworth – Business Owner

It’s about understanding how life really works – that we are all simultaneously creating, and then experiencing, our moment-to-moment reality. That we’re always, 100% of the time, living in the feeling of our thinking.  And that we all have innate well-being, resilience, creativity and the capacity to thrive.  It’s built in.  That no matter how long we feel we’ve been struggling or suffering, no matter what ‘diagnosis’ a professional may have given us – none of us are ever ‘broken’.  We are all profoundly OK.

As their understanding of this deepens, people routinely find that life becomes:

  • Lighter
  • More awake and alive
  • Funnier
  • Less stressful
  • More joyful and present
  • More connected with themselves and others
  • filled with wisdom, clarity and peace of mind

I’ve noticed that people find they get more done, and more elegantly and enjoyably than they ever thought possible. Problems, challenges and places where they’ve hitherto been “stuck” just seem to easier to handle and resolve.

They also notice a profound deepening in their connection with other people.

“Spending three days with Kim and a wonderful group of curious, loving people has been transformational for me. I had forgotten where the experience of life was coming from and had got lost whilst looking in the wrong direction. Kim creates a loving space that allows you to play, laugh, have fun and connect with the magic of human potential. It is so beautiful to be looking from a place of gratitude and connection to all that is rather than the separateness of self. A transformational experience.”  Amber Inman-Kent – Coach and Virtual Assistant

Believe me, I know it sounds too good to be true. That’s what I thought when I first came across this understanding. But I glimpsed enough of the potential to keep exploring… and I’m so glad I did!

Having shared this understanding with my clients since 2010 now – I’ve heard the words “life-changing” so often from my clients that I no longer shy away from the seeming hyperbole.

“From someone who openly admitted to being cynical and sceptical about the whole thing, I’m now a ‘raving fan’ and a convert of the three principles. So do you, your team, your family and friends a huge favour and book yourself onto Kim’s next workshop. Trust me – and without being over dramatic, your life will never be the same again…”

“There are no words that can describe this workshop: magical is the closest I can come up with. Everything and nothing changes all at the same time. Speechless.”  

At the end of each workshop, I ask participants to write a short letter to people who are considering joining the next one… Here are parts of just a few of those letters:

“Dear Human Being,  What a wonderful three days!  I have been ‘in the zone’ day and night, with a wonderfully quiet mind and a deep sense of connection and clarity.  I’ve realised that you have to FEEL this to make it come alive, and that’s what the Heart of Thriving does for you.  I feel a ‘calling’ to come home, to go deeper, and I know this will last a lifetime.  And, as the fogginess clears, clarity and insight ensure that all areas of my life improve. The implications of this understanding – leadership of the self, of the teams I am a part of, the groups I consult for, the clients and patients I treat are limitless.  I don’t know where the endpoint or destination is (or even if there is one), but I know I want to take this direction and continue on this journey.  Something has profoundly changed over the last three days”  Dr Rif Malik

“Dear Human Being.  Why would you attend this workshop?  Because this understanding underlies everything – your career, your family and friends, your money, your health – and allows you to discover the BEST you – so that you can live the life you really want in a way that’s fully ALIVE”.  Lise Dandanell

“Dear Human Being.  I totally thought I was good at relationships and connecting with people before, but I realise now that my connection with people was often highly transactional.  It’s been hugely powerful to just experience connecting at a soul level with people. Being part of other peoples’ journeys and insights has been an utter privilege.  I will cherish my own journey.  Come and find out how you can be the best version of you.  You’ll never see the world in the same way again”.  Gillian Murphy

“Dear Human Being.  As someone who’s brand new to all this, it all seemed so overwhelming at first – and ungraspable.  Then, moment to moment, the ‘A-ha’s came.  Only glimpses – but just enough to see that there is something wonderful here.  It is so lightening to meet yourself and all the weight from all the shit suddenly seems to float away.  In these three days, I really met myself for the first time and connected with something deep inside me.  I am OK.  Life has changed and it’s very exciting to think that our experience of it can be wonderfully different”.  Laura Harford

“Dear Human Being.  If you want to deepen your understanding of the human experience called ‘Life’ – come on this workshop.  If you want to fall in love with yourself, your family, your friends and the whole universe – then this is the place to come.  Experience the magic of fully engaging with yourself and others.   Trust your instinct that this will/could transform your life and send you out into the world better equipped than you ever thought possible.  Ideas and insights will abound.  Kim will guide you to discover just how awesome you really are.  Do you remember a time when you were in the flow, it all just worked, but you weren’t quite sure how to replicate it?  This workshop explains how that happens, and once you understand it is available to you forever with no effort and no work.  How cool!”  Fiona Morey

“Dear Human Being.  The beautiful thing about Kim and her magical workshop is that they cut through the crap.  This workshop guides you into falling in love with who you really are – not who you think you should or shouldn’t be.  Removing the should’s creates a huge amount of space. When you’ve created that space – only one thing rushes in to fill it:  unconditional love.  And everything that entails.  Compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, kindness.  Beginning at home, then rippling out into the most beautiful infinite lake.  That’s magic – and who doesn’t want more magic?” Gemma Hopkins

“Hello Friend.  Expect the unexpected, and a deepening understanding of who you really are, what you are and what that means.  All this unfolds before you over three magical days.  For me, it was a new awareness of what was stopping me getting to where I want to be.  The doubt, the need to control, and the need to ‘fix’ everybody else were my modus operandi.  With new awareness and clarity – I can now see how much of my angst and worry was completely made up entirely by myself.  Now, knowing it’s OK to just be me means I can ‘see’ and ‘listen’ from the heart and genuinely connect with and trust my own inner wisdom.  I can clearly see the possibility of improving my relationship with my daughter.  I can’t wait to get home and simply BE with her, and genuinely appreciate the unique, amazing person she is.  My coaching conversations will never be the same again – I will be going ‘upstream’ from here on in exploring the magic of possibilities rather than dwelling in the mire of the detailed issues.  Let go – trust and be happy in the moment.  Enjoy the ride!”  Tina Neville-Jones

“Dear Human Being.  Truly transformational.  I have experienced a limitless joy here that I’ve never experienced before in my life.  Deep, deep connection to my family and others.  When I got back from the workshop I got home, held my kids and cried. It was one of life’s special moments for me.  More and more of the time, I experience a sense of calm and clarity I never ever thought was possible.  Simply stunning.  Do it.  Do it.  Do it.  And I’m already ten times better as a leader and a coach than I was before”.  Andy Couch

“Dear Friend.  This workshop allows you to see that anything is possible and that the only limitation to living a wonderful life lies in a misunderstanding about how your experience happens.  Kim creates this amazing space and insightfully shows you who you TRULY are at the core. The practical, emotional and physical benefits of this are priceless!”  Karen Auld

“Hello.  I hear you are thinking of coming on Kim’s next workshop – and are pondering whether to come.  I am sitting here, comfortable, at ease, excited about life, and realising I have all the opportunities that this life will bring to me and others.  Wow!  Every cell in my body is buzzing with excitement and peace – knowing that we are already enough, we already innately know all this, and fully AWAKE.  I think I’ve been asleep most of my life.  On the three days (that fly by!) there’s fun, deep insights, tears of joy, shifts, transformations.  Your life WILL be different afterwards.  I feel so grateful that I invested these three days with an awesome group and of course Kim.  Her innate creativity, connection, love and trust in each one of us is awesome and beautiful.  Of course that’s because she trusts implicitly in the three principles.  She is a walking, talking example of the quote:  “Be the change you want to see in the world”.  But, hey – it’s your choice.  Some people like a life of mediocrity – and if that’s you, then don’t come. With much love”  Lindsey Reed

Next Steps

You can e-mail me at kim@heartofthriving.com for a full .pdf version of the workshop flyer and a booking form, and I encourage you to call me on 01923 262278 to have a conversation about the workshop and whether it’s right for you.

The Workshop

Those of you who have experienced workshops with me before – know that this will be different. It will still be brain-friendly in essence, and thoroughly enjoyable for you.


  • Conversations that result in insights that are just perfect for you, and where you are on your journey
  • Metaphors and stories – yours and mine
  • Your current model of the world to be challenged. All of your strategies, coping mechanisms, tools and techniques are based on your existing understanding of how life works. See this as a breathing space to reflect on how well your model of the world is serving you, and those around you

Don’t Expect

  • Tools and how-to’s – this is an understanding model, not an intervention model. It’s about effortless transformation – not self-improvement. It’s about ‘allowing’ – rather than ‘trying’
  • An elegant workshop design that moves towards specific outcomes – this will be a co-created experience

“I was blown away by the way Kim facilitated the 3 days with her amazing presence and such a beautifully ‘light touch’. The days were structured when they needed to be, but it never, ever felt like it. Kim loved us, encouraged us, pointed us and effortlessly enabled each one of us to make a natural heartfelt wisdom-filled contribution. Perfect.” Stefan Cybichowski

“I’ve spent the last 7 years attending every personal development, behaviour and well-being seminar and training to understand how to help myself and my clients better. After the He’Art of Thriving with Kimberly Hare, I don’t need to go to any more. I learned the simplest yet most significant way of experiencing my day to day life and have already used it to make massive differences to my clients and myself. This is not tree-huggy weirdo stuff. It is simple, realistic and although nothing’s actually changed, everything’s different. I still have loads to do and so little time yet, HOW I AM whilst doing it is totally different. In this life of overwhelm and distraction and busyness, this is a workshop that everyone should attend. By tapping into the enormous power of my own innate wisdom – I’m finding just the right solution to everything that shows up. I feel more at ease myself, more able to tap into that infinite intelligence and more excited about what I can do to help others. Thank you Kim.”  Mo Bury – Momentum Training

“My thinking was real. I mean it. Real. Completely, totally and devastatingly real. It was controlling and absorbing my whole existence. Always there. Writing that today, understanding the power of thought as I now do, I feel as if I’m writing about someone in my distant past. Yet it was only 6 days ago and it was my existence. Something happened on day two of the workshop when my thinking changed – from being like the strongest velcro you have EVER imagined to teflon – simply and beautifully. I am now free to listen to the infinite wisdom and creative potential that I have access to. Blimey – as I write that and reflect on the change I think I’m still in awe of it all! Bring it on!”  Rachel Ghinn – Consultant