New book! The He’Art of Thriving

Kimberley’s book:  He’Art of Thriving: Musings on the Human Experience

The ideas in this book have been transformational for me, and for 100’s of clients around the world. They did something to wake me up to the wonder and magnificence of being fully alive. Isn’t it funny? More than 50 years of seeking, working and trying – and it turns out to be this easy!

I could not recommend this book more highly.  It has a truly transformational message, and is wonderfully written.  Kimberley’s wisdom just shines through, and leads you to so many deep insights. Whilst deeply profound, you also end up seeing how this message is clearly true, and from that moment everything changes. READ THIS BOOK – it will honestly be one of the most amazing things to happen to you, like it has been for me.

Norbert Sobolak, Oxford Undergraduate

This book is a breath of fresh air. It explores the truth of how our minds work, the nature of thought and how we are designed to thrive. It does all this in the most easy to read, compassionate, warm, natural manner with great examples, references and anecdotes. It is the sort of book that if you are feeling down or confused or anxious you could open it at any page and read a truth about what those feelings mean that will point you in exactly the right direction. I highly recommend it. I am a coach and will certainly be buying copies for my clients.

Clare Dimond, Transformative Coach